1101_Binnenwerk Publicatie

Publication designed with Jimme Bakker, Juliet Campfens, Debbie Simons and Lyanne Tonk as part of the exhibition ‘Binnenwerk’ during our study at HKU.

Although this publication was originally designed as a part of an exhibition in the Academiegalerie, the many left over books became very populair as mousepads throughout the academy. It just had the perfect size and thickness for it. Even though I think it’s a good publication, it’s content was referring to works in this temporary exhibition. I like that these left over publications had this kind of functional second life. Still after 7 years I haven’t really come across a better mousepad.

Size: 240mm x 320mm
Paper: Olin Regular Natrual White 120g/m2
Technique: Offset, 4/1, printed by NPN Printers

Publication as a mousepad. hand: Job Derksen

The exhibition Binnenwerk in Academiegalerie

Separate folder with interviews, A4 booklet