A booklet for Annabelle Binnerts. It contains an (almost) complete hand-drawn reproduction of an atlas only showing the names of countries, cities, rivers etc. This work is part of Annabelle’s research of using language to understand and define our surroundings. For this booklet we followed the same order of images as the original atlas where the drawings where based on. The North Pole and the South Pole where placed on the front and the back cover, implying that the ‘rest of the world’ lies between these images.

We also designed a poster named ‘Vocabulary of the Void‘: another work of Annabelle containing all the names of places in the world, also extracted out of this atlas.

Size: 210mm x 280mm
Paper: Munken Print White 15, 115g/m2
Pages: 80
Technique: Digital print. 1/1 (black)
Cover: Printed with white on black paper with HP Indigo