1820_MR & RW_Tide_KFHeijn

A brochure of a collaborative work from Marisa Rappart and Rozemarijn Westerink. Together they made a walldrawing in the artist in residence space ‘Tuinatelier’ of the K.F. Heijnfonds. This Tuinatelier was a very small space that made it very hard to photograph the two walls with the walldrawing. I decided to let the photographer make only frontal shots of the work, wich we then digitally made into one panoramic photograph, taking away the spatiality of the work. By letting the brochure fold as a leporello the work becomes spacial again.

Size: 210mm x 1000mm folded to 155mm x 210mm
Paper: Munken Polar Rough 130g/m2
Technique: offset, 4/1 (full colour, silver)