Exhibition together with Rugter de Vries. We were asked to ‘do something with a wall’. At this time I just finished a project where I made monochrome prints of cyan, magenta and yellow (CMY) printed in red, green and blue (RGB) using fluorescent inks. The yellow monochrome was made up of thin lines alternating between fluorescent red and green, together creating an optical yellow. For this exhibition I was interested in how this optical colour would work on a three dimensional object. Again I made again posters with this yellow monochrome and covered all sides of the wall with it, resulting in an optically yellow wall. On the other side of the poster I printed some information and optical cyan magenta and yellow.

Size: Folded: 260mm x 180mm, unfolded: 720mm x 520mm
Paper: Matte MC 200g/m2
Technique: screenprint, 3/3, (fluorescent red, green and blue)

Both sides of the poster with someone in the front dressed in cyan, magenta and yellow.

The opening of the exhibition started with a debate about different ways of working between me and Rutger.