1301_Kapitaal Utrecht


With a group of 15 designers and illustrators we took over the graphic workshop GAU in Utrecht renaming it Kapitaal. Kapitaal was located in a building in the middle of the city center of Utrecht, with two floors: the first floor with a graphic workshop for screenprinting and etching, and the ground floor that was used as a flexible space to organise exhibitions, lectures, talks, movie nights, performances etc. with a lot of help of volunteers and interns. In my role I mainly focused on the printing techniques, giving workshops and assistance for screenprinting. I also ran a DIY risoprint-workshop which back then did not really exist in Utrecht.

Over time the group of 15 grew smaller because of everyone making different (career)choices, including me leaving after a few years. Two of them (Carlien and Ramon) kept running Kapitaal, even after being forced to forced to move to other places, they continued to perfect the definition of being a printstudio. One of my favourite places to print. Check out there website

15 designers

The ground floor

The screenprint workshop on the first floor

Some pictures of the risoprint-workshop within Kapitaal. To define the workshop area I painted the floor yellow, and after a change of location, green.

Some results of risoprinted stencils that were made by introductions.

An A4 explaining some basics of using the risoprinters.

A quick technical guide for the people working for Kapitaal.

Flyer for the promotion of the risoprinter, made in all colour combinations.